Construction of Kachhi Canal Project

Employer: Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA)

Summary: The Project is Located in Punjab & Some Part in Baluchistan Tribal Areas. It starts from raja pure District. There Exists High Security Risk in the Vicinity of the Project. It Involves 118 KM Canal Lining & 36 Structures over the Canal. It also involves deep excavation of more than 100 ft in some reaches as well. In order to complete the project with in stipulated time huge resources were deployed 65 excavators, 230 tractors, 40 dump trucks, 4 concrete lining machines, and 4 batching plant etc.

Critical Quantities:

Length of Canal: 118 KM

Supper Passage: 32 Nos

Syphon: 02 Nos

VR Bridges: 06 Nos

Excavation: 894 Million CFT

Embankment Filling: 54 Million CFT

Concrete: 20 Million CFT

Sand Plaster: 44 Million CFT

Steel Reinforcement: 15000 Ton

Piling: 145000 RFT

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