Construction of Earthern Platform, Flood Protection Works, Cofferdams and Steel Sheet Piling at Qadirpur Gasfield Project

Employer: OGDCL

Summary: The Project was High Priority and Emergency Situation due to Severe Gas Shortage in the Country. Therefore was completed to Make this Platform and Flood Protection Works on Fast-track Basis. The Area was Highly Risky due to involvement of SINDH Kachha Area. In order to Complete the Project with in stipulated Time Huge Resources were deployed  I.E. 10 Excavators, 20 Tractors, 50 Dump Trucks, 1 Vibro Hammer ICE 1412C, 1 Concrete Batching Plant Etc.

Critical Quantities:

Excavation: 18 Million CFT

Embankment Filling: 90 Million CFT

Concrete: 0.5 Million CFT

Cofferdams: 35 Million CFT

Steel Sheet Piles: 5,500 Ton Steel Reinforcement: 1,000 Ton

Piling: 15,500 Ft


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