Grc daral khawar

Construction of Daral Khwar Hydro Power Project

Employer : Sarhad Hydel Development Organization (SHYDO)

Summary :  Daral Khwar, Catchment area at dam site 250 km2, Mean Annual Discharge,                                        10.76m3/s, Total annual Flow 341 hm3.

Critical Quantities:    Weir Structure: Length 39.8 M

Intake: 18.3 m

Gravel Spill: Height 7.2m Width 3.8m

Sand Trap: 13.4m

Headrace Canal: 9.2 m

Headrace Tunnel: 8.53m2

Surge Tank: 48m

Penstock Tunnel:  62.3 m

Power House: Height 14.1m

Tailrace: 25.7 m

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